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I was listening to a radio discussion the other day about ‘pashing.’ French kissing, tongue locking, lustful kissing, and they were saying that ‘passing’ generally leaves a relationship after the first two years.

Now, the female radio announcers, who are about my age (late 30s, early 40s) agreed that the ‘pash’ had always left their relationships after the first two years… I just don’t get it. Is it them? Or is it me? As ‘pashing’ is part of the intense love making experience that brings us to the foreplay stage, or right into the guts of hot passionate sex!

For me and my relationships, the passionate kiss never left the building, as the kiss is the most intimate part of the love-making experience. Maybe they were talking about ‘pashing’ without the sex part? Where you stand in the kitchen making dinner together, dip the wooden spoon in the pot to see if your tasty nightly offering is just right, then share it with your partner, and the closeness of the spoon to your mouth, and their head to you, engages the ‘lean in’ and his smouldering eyes bring you in closer to lock lips into the passionate kiss. Maybe that’s the part that they are missing… but there are other occasions it can come to the party… stepping out of a steamy shower and noticing how hot your man is, cuddling up on the couch watching your favourite movie together, a night out at the cinema in the back row as if you were teenagers again.

And I don’t think age is a barrier either. I used to ‘pash’ my 54 year old lover in public when we met at the airport, or had candlelit a la carte dinners in high class restaurants. If you truly love someone, are excited about being in their presence, and feel you can never get enough of them, the ‘pash’ should be part of your daily existence. It adds vitality to your relationship, knowing that you really can’t embrace the day without your partner. A pash is like a ‘happy pill’ that keeps you tingling all day.

It’s amazing, as before I first physically met my internet man, he was totally against public displays of affection, but then he met me, and was transformed! If people are embarrassed by seeing your outward love for each other, that’s their problem – most likely stemmed from jealousy, as they aren’t getting the same love and attention as you are.

I would love to hear other’s views on ‘pashing,’ how much they are getting, if it has died from their relationship or if it’s only when they have sex.