Positive Friends

Posted by in Relationships, Single Mum Life on December 19, 2012 0 comments

There are three outstanding people in my adult life, who, no matter what, see the positives in whatever is presented to them.

One of my friends lost her mum last week…. she’d been the primary carer for her for the past 4.5 years, and she sees herself as being so lucky that she had a beautiful mum, a loving relationship with her and that her mum was such an inspiration to others. She is a single mum who just so happened to have lost her boyfriend the day her mum died for his own reasons, but she did whatever she could do to put her energies into finalising her mum’s life. Her 14 year old son, is in an accelerated program at school, and on the same day as her mother’s funeral, she attended his award’s ceremony, where he received an award for the most outstanding academic achievement for his year level. He beat the odds where he is self-motivated, dedicated to his studies, but still has time to be a kid – he skate boards everywhere, has a great group of friends, plays video games, even makes his mum a cup of tea because she thinks she needs one… an unbelievable kid, who’s parents split five years ago, and somehow manages his life between both homes.

Another friend, was married in her late 30s and had her one and only child in her early forties. She laughs at the fact that her husband wants his big boy toys when all she’s bought him for Christmas is a pair of board shorts and a packet of socks. She laughs when her husband buys her a birthday present, like a kayak or wetsuit that just happens to fit him, not her. She doesn’t mind if things don’t go to plan… she’s very cruisy, always thinking of others and is constantly smiling.

Then my dearest friend, has had a few years of the most unfortunate events in her life that just seem to be continuing. For most, they would have committed suicide, broken a law, done something to change the direction of life because the life she lives is just so unforgiving, but she keeps going on. Her latest crisis is more personal and somehow she sees it as being a relief than a heartache. It’s a relief because at least she wasn’t feeling like her mind was going insane and something really ‘is’ happening. No matter what, she just keeps soldiering on.

But there is also a friend of a friend, who’s been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a little less than 2 years ago. She’s had operation after operation and somehow remains positive, doing motivational talks, telling people how wonderful her life is due to the support of family and friends. She’s doing everything she possibly can to fulfil her life, including getting married last month. But she knows her end is near, and even had a ‘goodbye’ party last weekend. She truly is an inspiration to so many.

So for all those who feel life, especially at this time of year, is getting too much for them, spare a thought for those who are going through so much more… Perspective is huge, and what personal crises we may be going through ourselves, are truly nothing to those who’ve lost a loved one or going through a personal health crisis… be thankful for what you’ve got and hug those who mean the most to you. Be in the moment and give so much love, and then you’ll feel the energy change and you’ll feel good about who you are and what you mean to so many.