Same sex marriages

Posted by in Relationships on May 10, 2012 0 comments

So Obama has agreed that acknowledging same sex marriages, or same sex unions is positive for society. I have some conservative American friends who would be appalled at the concept, but then I have some amazing gay and lesbian friends who would be lost without each other and life without acknowledging their love for each other civilly would be heartbreaking for them.

It’s interesting seeing Obama’s ‘evolving’ ways. He sees life through the eyes of his children and understands that his idea of ‘normal’ is completely different to his children’s concept of ‘normal.’ His children have friends with same-sex parents, and they don’t see anything wrong with their relationship. Their friends come from a loving environment, with two parents (not necessarily biological), but definitely parents who have the best interest for their children, create opportunities for their children and welcome all without judgment and hostility. Sometimes, it’s better than a traditional marriage/family relationship, because there is mutual respect as they have had to fight society for what they believe in and want in their lives.

I was listening to some arguments this morning on breakfast radio, and the main argument for why we shouldn’t allow gay & lesbian legal unions is ‘where will it stop? If we allow two adults of the same sex to legally wed, then why won’t they let us marry animals, or children, or buildings, or by polygamists?’ But the concept of  a gay or straight union is still the same – two consenting adults who love each other wanting it to be recognised by law that they are legally together, for the sake of Wills, next of kin, Power of Attorney, children’s matters, anything that may pop up because the law doesn’t agree with their relationship. Can you imagine the obstacles that gay & lesbian couples have to deal with certain issues?
Our concept of ‘normal society’ is different from our parents concept. The world changes, and we all have to accept change. If governments around the world passed legislation to allowed gay and lesbian couples to legally wed, the conventionalists will soon have to change their thoughts and fears to acknowledge that if it’s legal, it’s OK. And I think that’s the main issue here… religious people who comb the Bible for immoral concepts, are generally the ones who are against gay and lesbian relationships, but once it’s made legal in the eyes of the law, they have nothing to fall back on, but be accepting.

I’m definitely an advocate for not being able to choose who we love. We fall in love with whomever shows us interest, we have commonality with, who we’re attracted to, who gives us the attention and love we need. Love connections are ethereal, if it’s between a man and a woman, or the same sex. It should never be a government or a religion who decides who we love, it’s a transcendent bond between two people.

So for all my gay and lesbian readers, it sounds like it’s a historic day of another small step for civil rights today… I hope it’s not too long before you can properly celebrate!