Sex in Odd Places

Posted by in Relationships on May 18, 2012 0 comments

I want to start a new segment here… At Sex and the Single Mum, we are all friends… we have no secrets and we and open about our lives. So here I invite you all to add your experiences of weird and whacky places that your parents don’t need to know, but possibly did themselves, where you have done the ‘deed.’

Over the last few days, I’ve asked a few friends of fun places they have explored  – some that are shocking, others that are common. For instance, how many times have you had sex in a communal bedroom – a hotel room with the kids beside you sleeping, a camp out with everyone sleeping in sleeping bags and sneaking into your boyfriend’s sleeping bag half way through the night? For me, I’ve enjoyed some of my first experiences at the beach, in a church and in a pool. The pure fun of being a teenager. The concept of getting caught can be exhilarating and add to the sensual experience. Yes it can be uncomfortable, but it’s the act of being able to give your sex life some excitement, that truly makes it worth while, and of course, memorable.

Of course, there’s the mile high club, but other funky places are cemeteries, shopping centre toilet cubicles, fitting rooms in boutiques, which I haven’t tried myself, but would love to give it a go one day.

One of the most interesting chances I had would have been my honeymoon, where we were taken to a remote deserted island from our Whitsunday destination, complete with picnic basket and a 4 hour window between drop off and pick up. My then husband and I decided that we would try making love in the shallows of the water. He was utterly hopeless as I don’t think he had ever tried having sex that wasn’t on a bed or a couch (well he certainly didn’t with me), but I encouraged him to try something different. As we tried to do the act without pumping too much sea water into me, the sand next to us shook and made us jump. We had no idea what it was – quick sand, earthquake…. no it was a sleeping 2 foot diameter stingray disturbed by our awkward motions shaking the sand off itself to find a new place to rest.

In recent times with my lover, we have had our fun in a tourist parking lot near the Twelve Apostles, in his wife’s car!!, at restaurants, in a hot spring, in a pool and we did attempt to do it in the ladies room once, but there was too much foot traffic!

I don’t think you are too old or two young to have an exhilarating sex life, you just need to know how to spice it up with fun and frivolity.