The Art of Love Letters

Posted by in Relationships on July 24, 2011 0 comments

Is it a dead art form? Or is the art of writing sweet nothings to your loved one still alive?

I guess in this technical age, the art of love letters has transformed from the scented paper travelling miles and days to your loved one via the post to a more instant hit of gratification via email, text message and chat, but the way those permanent words written by your loved one make you feel, doesn’t change if its on parchment or pasted on a screen.

However, the art of writing has changed. As we are so time poor, messages are written in text slang, some struggle with getting their true feelings out into words, and the actual thought into finding meaningful words isn’t there. Words are misunderstood, phrases are misused and ambiguity makes the reader uncertain of the writer’s intention…. unless, your lover has the same passion for words as you and challenges the dictionary with new and innovative ways to say ‘I love you’ that just makes your… heart… melt….

If you both have a passion for words, that engaging banter will never die because you are always looking for new ways of livening up your conversations with inventive syntax. The written word with true soul and heartfelt meaning can make you laugh, it can give you tears of happiness and it can give you tears of sorrow that you are apart. The written word can calm you into the most peaceful calm when you’re at the height of a harrowing day when received from your lover. It’s healing, it’s mesmerising, it’s ethereal. And no one can take those words away from you, because they are a moment in time that your lover was thinking of you wanting to spend time with you.

To bring the joy back into a relationship, you could start writing little love letters and place them in unexpected places –  their briefcase, on the dash of their car, in their sports bag, in lipstick on the bathroom mirror while they are having a shower… somewhere where you know your lover will get a kick that you have done something to make their day. But the giving of love letters can only work if reciprocated with the same heartfelt zest and innovation in the writing to keep the spark alive.

Love is not dead, and writing love letters is definitely alive for those who know and love to indulge in the art of romance.