The Connection…

Posted by in Relationships on August 16, 2011 0 comments

When do you really know when you have a connection with someone? A connection so intense that you can’t live without it, even if you try?

There are many similar stories of those on their second marriage realising that their first marriage – their first serious relationship with another was chicken feed compared with the passion, intensity, love, companionship and compatibility they have with their second spouse. Is it because we race into marriage too young because we want to live up to our parents’ expectations of finding someone suitable and starting the responsibilities of home ownership and families when we haven’t had a chance to live for ourselves? Or do we put our own expectations on ourselves to have what our ‘supposedly happy parents’ had and possibly still have?

These days, many people meet each other on the internet, finding long lost loves that should have been their first marriage or complete strangers who touch their heart and soul but live thousands of miles away. Somehow, these people, these relationships, have a connection that surpasses the miles, the boundaries, the family expectations and the judgment… it’s something they never dreamed would happen to them.

It’s hard to explain, but something’s ethereal about their meeting. The connection is automatic, like catching up with an old friend and picking up where the conversation last left. The connection is in the mind, body and spirit, something you can’t let go. You feel a force that’s undeniable propelling you towards your loved one and you learn to communicate with your lover effortlessly without fear and animosity. You realise a truth in yourself that you’ve never recognised before, because at last you feel like you can be ‘you.’ That’s the connection… that’s when you know You are totally in love and loved by someone.

Not are you in love with that special someone, you are in love with yourself and how you are with this person. You start accepting who you are because they love you for who you are.

The best thing about ‘the connection’ is that it never fades. The sexual intensity is electrifying, the smiles are infectious, the ‘knowing’ is mystifying. You just can’t live without each other, it’s like you’ve lost a limb without them if they are gone. But you always know the spiritual connection lives forever, and even death could never doth part it.