The King Size Bed

Posted by in Relationships on October 11, 2011 0 comments

Hands up all those who sleep in a king size bed? Why did you buy it? For the extra space? Because the kids like to sleep with you? Because you have pets who like to snuggle up to you? What is it that is so appealing about a king size bed…

To me, it’s a symbol of separation. Unless you are over 6 foot tall, 6 foot wide or you have a Great Dane who shares your bed with you, there is no reason why ‘happy couples’ should have a king size bed.

Your bed should be a place of rest, relaxation and spiritual and sexual awareness. It’s supposed to be a place of intimacy and love. How can a couple have that invigorating closeness if you are half a world away on the other side of the bed?

A king size bed is cold and heartless. The bed sheets are separated at the shoulders leaving gaping holes of cold air coming between you as you sleep. It gives you chills, it weakens your immune system, gives you sleep deprivation because you can’t seem to get enough duvet to cover yourself as the blanket hog rips it over to the other side, and really, it makes you question the strength of your intimacy. While he’s watching the football on television on one side of the bed, you get stuck into the latest James Patterson thriller on your side, and for some reason you don’t interrupt each other, and you get complacent about the space. Where is the intimacy in that?

So, say sometimes you find yourselves together in the middle somewhere, or he invades your side, or you invade his. You have your hanky panky, roll over and there is a huge ocean full of bed that awaits you that’s cold and uninviting and destroys the whole sense of passion and intimacy that you’ve just created. What’s with that? Unless there’s a massive wet spot that you both want to avoid, so you are happy to wander over and warm up the other side of the bed!

Ahh, maybe that’s it – a king size bed is to avoid the wet spot! Or maybe half the fun is creating wet spots all over the oversized bed, making sure not one inch of 400 thread Egyptian cotton fitted sheet has not gone without some bodily juices!

To be honest, I’m not convinced. I’m happy with my queen size bed, that’s warm and snuggly, within half an arm’s reach of my lover (rather than a full reach and I still can’t touch them), gives us the real opportunity to spoon, be able to wake up in the morning and feel him breathe on me, feel his touch, and know that we don’t need to scooch over to ‘be together’ when we’ve made the entire bed feel warm, not just the place where our bodies have lain overnight.

So now you’ll look at the king size bed differently… You won’t be jealous of the luxury that a king size bed offers anymore, you’ll be thinking about how strong the love of those who sleep in it, really is…