Where Do We Find Available Men These Days?

Posted by in Relationships on September 20, 2011 0 comments

As our single parent lives revolve around what our kids do, how on earth can we find our next mate?

With sexual harassment laws essentially boycotting the concept of finding love at work, is it only on the edges of the soccer field watching his kid attempt to kick the ball only to trip over his shoelaces into a soaking wad of mud, do we see a sensitive caring person from afar with no obvious female attachment?

Or maybe he’s in a coffee shop, ordering a strong quad-espresso latte so he can cope with his 12 hour long graveyard shift in the local ER (you can tell this, as he’s wearing his scrubs) and you bump into him as you both reach for a Sweet-and-Lo at the same time, looking up at each other laughing and smiling? Only to find yourself in the ER later that night with unexplainable heart palpitations from your chance meeting.

Maybe you met him as a client of a client, and saw him jogging when you were walking with your kids to school, and he remembered your name? Only for you to remember that he was a local policeman, and you need to get an affidavit signed, again and again, until one day, he happens to be there.

Or possibly you meet him at a party your married friends invite you to, only to have one single male there as well, knowing full well that it was a set up, or worse, your married friend’s ex-husband!!

Then again, do we meet him on a Qantas flight serving us peanuts and small bottles of wine, only to make the mischievous ‘Mile High Club’ in the rest room, with turbulence adding to the action?

Or is he the next tradesman to come knocking on your door to do your gardening, fix those damn low voltage lights with their over-heated transformers or get your heating working again (or just get you ‘heated’ up again!)?

Somehow, when you least expect it, someone will either rescue you, smile at you, inconspicuously stalk you or just ask you out, and you’re life will for that split second feel lighter and happier, because somebody noticed you, and wants to get to know you a little more. You feel good, because it’s not about the kids, it’s about you this time. Someone wants to get to know YOU!! You’ve got to say ‘Yes’ to him for at least trying! Who knows how your luck will turn out 🙂