How to Have Sex Like a Man

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Have to have Sex Like a Man

How to Have Sex Like a Man

How do you have sex like a man?  The trick is to compartmentalise your life!  Men seem to do it intuitively, so why can’t women?

Keeping everything in its own box and not giving it your attention or energy until you are in the right time and place to be able to deal with it would be awesome right?  No messy emotions spilling over at work, no guilt about having a night of passion and worrying if your date is looking for something you aren’t.  How simple would life be if women compartmentalised?  And if we could master this, I wonder if the table would be turned on who had the greatest gender power. Seriously, I think men rely on women being less emotionless, it’s how we end up getting hurt because we were thinking it was a long term relationship and developed feelings, only to discover that he just saw it as a bit of fun. Not all men compartmentalise of course, it could be a personality trait rather than a gender ability. If so, women are capable of doing it too!

Fun Fact:  The emotional part of the brain is only a fraction the size of the other regions, so maybe if women stopped exercising the emotional region it wouldn’t be as strong. It’s worth considering!

Compartmentalisation is a HUGE job. So let’s just look at the sex part as a start because let’s face it,it’s where we need the most help with separation of head and heart!

Having spoken to numerous women on the subject, here’s my how to guide:

  1. Let go of socially acceptable norms regarding women enjoying sex.
  2. Don’t be scared to ask for what you need and provide instruction on how to.
  3. Look at every sexual experience as your right to pleasure.
  4. Don’t talk about feelings when you have sex. Just tell them how hot they look, or how much they make you horny, but don’t talk about how connected you feel, or that you love them.
  5. Don’t give into their needs. Your pleasure is your priority.
  6. Don’t talk about the future… There is no future with this guy. Make them fight for your attention if they want more.
  7. Don’t cuddle or “bond” afterwards. You’re pleasured and happy with what you got. If it’s not at your place, get up in half an hour after sex and say you’ve gotta be somewhere else.

I’m not saying this is going to be easy, as traditionally women aren’t wired that way. It will take discipline and training of your mind and emotions. But once you master this ability to have sex like a man you will feel empowered, independent and able to put more energy into having the career, family life and friendships that will make you fulfilled as you have never been before.

As with men, you can have your cake and eat it too!