“Calmer Suits Her” By Suzy J. Brown – Paperback Edition

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Copywriter and country life convert, Sarah Collins has found her happiness. It’s just how she planned. She’s built her new French style cottage as her writing retreat overlooking the beautiful lake, her kids are happy enjoying the outdoor life, and she has a group of friends in the little Victorian High Country community upon where she lives, who she calls her family. For once in her life she has the love and support of people around her. Life’s perfect. She’s taking French classes, she’s kayaking on the lake each morning, she’s even enjoying the fresh organic produce from her garden. She couldn’t imagine it be any better than this. Or could it be? Could a deliciously handsome electrician sweep her off her feet and change her perception of perfection? Could she discover that with all the internal fighting of what she planned and what is presented to her, that Calmer actually Suits Her?
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