A little bit of retail therapy!

Posted by in Single Mum Life on July 23, 2011 0 comments

I’ve never been a shopper… When you’re almost 100 kilos, can fit three hands around one boob, your foot is bigger than a man’s with a high arch and nice shoes are impossible to find, and your self confidence is at a right royal low because the person who’s supposed to love you criticises everything that you do and wear, shopping for yourself can give you a kick to the ego that breaks every one of your teeth in the process. So, as you guessed, shopping and me were never friends.

But getting rid of one husband, losing about 22 kilos (some say I lost 22 kilos plus the 80 kilos the ex weighed) and giving myself some pep in my step, I’m now half way to becoming best mates with shopping for the first time in my life.

I’ve stopped buying clothes in the plus size shops and started looking in the ‘groovy young thing shops’ like Sportsgirl and Portmans (sorry for those who don’t know, they’re iconic Australian brands) and today I bought my first pair of heels in possibly fifteen years – heels that I actually feel comfortable in wearing without worrying about twisting my ankle. Still feel like I clomp around in them, but with a little practice, I might be gliding before the end of the week.

To add to the tasteful heels number, I bought myself some lace thigh-high ‘stay-up’ stockings to add some sizzle to my style perfectly suited to wear with a black dress or skirt, so I’m all set to hit the town with a smile on my face and renewed confidence.

So for the purpose of taking on fashion, I’m off to a school function tonight to test out my ‘heel-i-ness’… I may need a foot rub at the end of it all, but really, to be able to be a ‘slave to fashion’ for the first time since motherhood was bestowed on me 10 years & 9 months ago (well, that’s when pregnancy was determined!), it’s not a bad feeling to have, is it?