Accidental Friends

Posted by in Single Mum Life on November 29, 2012 0 comments

Sometimes do you wonder why you keep bumping into people? People you’ve had no real affiliation with, but met sometime in your life and somehow your paths keep crossing?

I have an old high school friend who I keep bumping into at the mall in more recent times, but prior to that, her mum rented a flat above my first flat out of home, her daughter and my boys have crossed paths through holiday programs and for some reason, a radio station called me one morning asking if I knew her and had her contact details, but I was only a Facebook friend with her, so didn’t have an email or phone number to contact her. Each time we bump into each other, have a good catch up chat and go on our merry ways. It’s nice… but I have no idea why the universe keeps crossing our paths.

With my work, occasionally I’ll be asked to do repeat clients’ homes, as they are developers, or people who buy, renovate and sell constantly, or investors getting rid of their real estate. But besides seeing them at their properties, I rarely see anyone out and about. However, about two years ago, I met a man who was a police man, who enjoyed the renovating/building thing. He was selling because he was getting divorced. We swapped stories and it was weird, because when I left, he said, whenever I feel like having a chat, his door is always open. I’ve never taken up that offer (bit late now as I don’t know where he lives), but we keep bumping into each other. At the supermarket, him jogging down the street as I walk the boys to school, even I saw him once directing traffic in a side street after a horrific accident on the main road. We’d always stop and chat (except for when he was working, but he acknowledged my wave). The other day, after we went for a swim at the new aquatic centre, I took my youngest to an ice-cream shop as a little treat as his brother was having a sleep over at a friend’s house. I’d ordered and paid for our ice-cream, I turned around, and there he was. He ordered his ice-cream and we sat down for 15 minutes having a big chat. Again, we have exchanged no contact details, we just keep bumping into each other.

It’s a little bit like the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ without the secret emailing. You have no idea why these people are infrequently entering your life, but you enjoy their company when they are. Is the universe trying to tell us something? Who knows… it’s just one of those things in life that puts a smile on your face.