Giving Something to Yourself This Christmas

Posted by in Single Mum Life on December 23, 2012 0 comments

As a single parent, it’s normally a hard time of year financially and emotionally. You want to give the best to your kids even if you can’t afford to give them the gifts you want to give them, and your kids are usually too young to think about buying you a present or making something for you on their own accord, and there is generally no other adult around to actually suggest it to them. So what do you do for yourself to make Christmas a little bit more festive, and make you feel less forgotten?

Give yourself some little pleasures….

Ask a friend to look after your children for a couple of hours so you can enjoy a chick-flick by yourself or a friend, rather than seeing the latest Pixar or Dreamworks movie.

Put some new batteries in your sex toy to give yourself a little bit more of a ‘buzz’ this Christmas.

Wrap up a couple of items you need to replace – lipstick, mascara, a new scarf, or even something small you don’t need to replace but would like to have in your home.

Make a nice breakfast for Christmas morning… waffles with berries, eggs benedict, just something you wouldn’t normally do.

Give your children the joy of handing out the presents, so you feel like you are getting something from them when you hide your gifts under the tree.

Put a Christmas card in the letterbox of someone you’d like a date with… a Dad from school, a neighbour, or your sister’s single friend… who knows, you might get lucky!

Watch your favourite movie cuddled up under a duvet with a cup of hot chocolate (with a hint of your favourite liqueur) and a box of chocolates.

Whatever it is, spoil yourself, make yourself feel good about yourself and reward yourself for being a great single mum or dad. BECAUSE YOU ARE!!! Who knows… you might actually be praised by others for all your tireless efforts in being a single parent, but if you don’t, at least you’ve done something for yourself to make Christmas special.