Happy Belated Mothers Day!

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Just thought I would send happiness and peace to all those wonderful mums, step-mums, grandmas, aunts and special friends who help nurture our children into the best people they can be!

I will say, that from yesterday, I have only heard ‘happy’ Mothers Day stories. Children have done lovely things for their mums, dads have been extra helpful and loving, some announced that they are going to a new mum and special friends acknowledging pseudo-mums to make them feel special. There haven’t been any disappointing presents, there haven’t been any ignorant spouses and there have been many stories that have included some special unexpected surprises. It’s been really nice to know that there is a general spirit of warmth and love around.

I took my boys out to breakfast in the morning at Ricketts Point Tea House… a coastal contemporary cafe on the edge of a marine sanctuary where the swans, pelicans and seagulls play, and if you’re into snorkelling, you can see the sting rays, tropical fish, starfish and crabs playing in the reef. It truly is one of Melbourne’s hidden secrets. It was an overcast day, so the water was a little dull, but we enjoyed our pancakes under the heat of the outdoor bar heaters on the beachside deck.

While we were finishing off our freshly squeezed orange juice, I decided to rename Mothers Day to ‘International Good Children Day.’ After all, that’s what we all hope for on Mothers Day… that we don’t have to deal with bickering, fighting, whinging and selfishness, and we get to enjoy being looked after by our favourite little people.

We went and bought flowers for my Mum (as well as myself, as no one buys me any!). We bought some beautiful roses and I had bought myself for my boys to give me, a French provincial jug so I can have a lovely vase to put some flowers in it each week. I set it up, and I must say, I am quite impressed with my little Parisienne themed entry table.

I had a lovely phone call from a friend who had just arrived from London, who I’ve planned to catch up with during the week, and then we drove down to Mt Martha to catch up with my family for a combined Mothers Day and a couple of birthdays.
I did get a 10 minute massage when we came home from my 11 year old and this morning, they both helped clean the house before I even got out of bed – all the vacuuming was done, the rubbish in the bins outside and the dishwasher was empty! I had a second Mothers Day! Lucky me!
I am so proud of my little boys for everything they do. They really are excelling in so many ways at the moment and it is so wonderful to see. I hope you are seeing some bright stars shining through with your children, and relishing in the joyous moments. Mothers Day is truly a time to reflect on all the love, kindness and pride you have for your children. Love, cherish, enjoy! 🙂