Let me introduce myself!

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‘Sex and the Single Mum’ is an exciting new blog produced by Suzy J. Brown about the life, loves and loathes of being a single parent in this fast paced world. I will show you how you can re-invent yourself after the loss of a partner (either through the dreaded process of divorce, the unexpected announcement that your partner is off to the clink for a white-collar crime or the undeniable loss of losing your partner to God).   I will venture into the realms of finding your own sexual liberty, how to juggle the struggles of survival, how to cope with sticky nose married people who think they have been in your shoes before, how to give your kids a life of adventure, to knowing how you can enjoy just being a mum. Some of the stories will be from personal experience, others will be stories I’ve heard from others and want to share.

As for me, I’m a single mum to two gorgeous boys who are almost ten and eight. I have a talented red head who tends to have life working ‘for’ him, and a struggling little charmer who does get by on his winning personality, but has recently been diagnosed with an ‘auditory processing disorder’ that accounts for his learning disability and there are other factors involved too, that are leading to tests in dyslexia and ADD. I have my own copywriting business that gives me flexible hours, good dollars, but heavy duty deadlines and I am known from working 16-18 hour days regularly. My boys play soccer, hockey and basketball, so there are only two days a week without an extra-curricular activity at the moment. My ex husband has the boys seven hours a month as he refuses to do anything that I’ve organised for them. He calls them once a month, if he’s lucky and he pays me $280 a month for child support. We have our court hearing for finances and child custody in the middle of July, which essentially will mark my two year anniversary of being a sole parent.

As for my sex life, I have succumbed to indulging in a long-distance relationship with a beautiful man who is 17 years my senior. We live 8000 miles away from each other and try to meet up 2-3 times a year. We aren’t exclusive, but with my own business, an exciting new book getting ready to be published, being a sole parent 99% of the time and difficulty finding time to sleep, even looking at the meat-market at this time of my life isn’t that appealing… but for you, I will do some research!

My exciting new book is called ‘On the Road to the Best Orgasm Ever’ – it’s the tale about an Australian woman’s journey in finding herself beyond the lies in her marriage to a newly-found freedom within the co-existence of personal independence and a New Mexican internet love.

OK, OK, yes it sounds like a tell-all about my gorgeous lover, but it’s more about digging deep to find where your happiness lies (or should I say ‘happiness truths’) in your own independence.

The pic is of my boys and I enjoying The Grand Canyon with our friend ‘Doc’ – a ring in from New Mexico, if you know what I mean!

Enjoy my blog, be my Facebook friend (Suzy J Brown), follow me on Twitter, and hopefully you’ll be able to read my book sometime soon!

Suzy xx