Life is One Big Drama

Posted by in Single Mum Life on December 8, 2012 0 comments

I was reading something the other day how we have to stop living in dreamland, how our life can never be that of what we see in the movies and that the reality for most of us to expect our life to be one long monotonous ride of responsibility, financial burden and heartache. Life is not fair, and we need to grow up and realise that.

Ok, I think there are some valid points to those statements, but there can be parts of our lives that we can make bigger, better, more exciting and breathtakingly beautiful if we dream big and want what’s important.

I think that’s the key to it… validate to yourself, ‘what’s important to you?’ Is it a big house, or just a home you can call your own? Is it living by the sea, the mountains, the city or the country? Where’s your nirvana? Are you driven by the high-powered job, the money or your family? Do you love to travel or are you a home body? Do you love having family and friends around, or do you enjoy your own company? What is it that makes you ‘you?’ If you can identify those things in yourself, you can find the happier you, and maybe, just maybe, you could live the life that is synonymous with your favourite movie, favourite book or dream life.

Sometimes, you may get a glimmer in your life that’s even more powerful than a movie scene, but the rest of your life is working hard to pay the bills. Would you be satisfied in your life knowing that you had ‘your moment in time’ as a week, a month or a year of blissful memories? Knowing that you will never get that life back again because even if you tried, you know that you’ll be disappointed because it could never be as perfect as that first time?

But why can’t you strive for different ‘movie moments?’ It may not be a romance, it could be something that makes you laugh out louder than you ever have before, it could be something so dramatically powerful that it keeps your heart beating fast creating unknown suspense and vitality. It could just be seeing the most beautiful moment in time – your children’s joy, a peaceful sunrise, a glorious mountain view, a thunderous lightning show… whatever it is, you capture it in your heart and it stays with you forever.

So why do we need to accept that responsibility, financial burden and heartache are the sum of who we are? They certainly help us grow with maturity, but they don’t give us happiness, glowing memories or experiences. I do believe that life is about working hard and playing harder. And if playing harder includes waking up at 4am and driving down the coast to enjoy the sunrise, splashing around in a waterfall in a national park, sharing an impromptu bottle of wine with a close girlfriend on the beach after work or just snuggling up under your covers with a good book next to an open fire… then enjoy those moments, enjoy the beauty they give you in your heart and love the person you are.