On the Ebay Wagon!

Posted by in Single Mum Life on November 24, 2012 0 comments

It’s that time of year to get rid of the old and prepare for the new. Someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure, and if you can make some extra dollars for Christmas by selling some unwanted wares, why not? Who knows, you could actually make enough to pay for all your Christmas presents!

This year, my boys have decided that they do not want their Nintendo DS consoles anymore, as I have replaced them with iPads. So, today I’ve listed all their consoles and games (actually, I haven’t done all yet, but they should be all on before the end of the day!) I’ve also found a pair of ski-gloves that have been worn once as well, so they will get on there as well.

The great thing about Ebay at the moment (well it is here in Australia, not sure about the rest of the world), but the first 30 items you list each month are free. Yes, there is a small selling fee, but if things don’t sell, you don’t pay a cent for it. I guess they are competing with gumtree.com, craiglist.com and other free-trading websites, plus all the car boot sales, garage sales and other second-hand get-rich-quick schemes that people tend to make a few dollars.

And really, why not? If you get your children into the concept of selling their pre-loved toys early enough after they have decided that they no longer use or play with them, then you create a child who respects their toys because they know that if they look after their toys, they are sellable in the future, and the money that can be made out of them can either be used for new toys or put into their bank account. It makes them think ahead. It makes them keep all the pieces together. It makes them appreciate what they have. AND it gets rid of clutter that hangs over your head.

Single parents need all the help they can at Christmas time, as the added pressures of a large feast, presents for nieces and nephews, grandparents and those who’ve helped you throughout the year really do kill the budget. For me, my work slows down, so whatever work I managed to do through October/November, I usually don’t get paid until December/January for, then I really don’t get paid much again until April. So it’s a tight ship for a few months (and always when school fees are due, sports fees are due and tax is due!!). So Ebay has been a huge saviour for me. Last year, I think I turned over about 2-3 weeks wages in unwanted goods, which makes Christmas a more enjoyable time for all.

I know it’s takes up a bit of time, but once you start, it does become a little addictive and you can’t stop. And, in the end, you’ll be so pleased with how much you’ve been able to get rid of, and how much money you’ve made.