So Much for Some Time Off!

Posted by in Single Mum Life on December 28, 2012 0 comments

Well… it all depends on your version of ‘time off.’ For me, ‘time off’ means time to meet up with friends and family when you’re too busy working, driving the kid’s taxi and keeping up with paying the bills… like what you do for most the year. ‘Time off’ gives you freedom to go for a long drive, sit on the beach all day, enjoy a casual walk admiring the streets, do some high-adrenalin activities, and of course, catching up with friends, enjoying a glass of bubbly and forgetting about your woes… And I was so looking forward to having some ‘time out’ time off this week after all the hoop-lah of the Christmas festivities were over but….

I’ve come down with a bout of acute tonsillitis that is aching my whole body, making me struggle to talk with the balloon in my throat, and even the simplest activity of stacking the dishwasher makes me feel like I breaking out in a feverish sweat. I’m no fun for anyone. Luckily, my boys have PLENTY of new Christmas presents to keep them occupied. And they are being so sympathetic to my needs. They gave me a back massage last night, helped cut up the salad vegetables last night for their dinner and have stopped all the unnecessary bickering between them. (Maybe I should be sick more often!)

So, instead of doing all the things I wanted to do… catching up with friends, afternoons on the beach, bike rides along the beach paths, etc… I’m looking at where I can plan my next holiday, when I really should be finishing my book. There’s a 22 bedroom, 14 bathroom gite in France for $AU360 a night! Anyone want to join me?