Thank God for the tradesmen :)

Posted by in Single Mum Life on July 5, 2011 0 comments

I’m a lucky girl, if I may say so myself. I have friends who help me when I need it, and not only to look after the boys when I need to travel the world to find romance or to forward my writing venture, but also in a ‘professional’ capacity. OK, get your mind out of the gutter and be real!
In the past month, I’ve called upon an electrician and a gas plumber. The electrician came around the next day after I had three power surges that turned on the safety switch. I’d been concerned about those ‘trendy’ but highly dangerous low voltage lights that are scattered around my house after the ‘free’ (because the government paid for it) insulation Indians came around and blanketed the insides of my roof with insulation batts. Since then, the lights have been temperamental and even when I try to replace the bulbs, they don’t work. So with one light flashing indiscriminatingly, two bedrooms without fixed lighting and another three light bulbs refusing to work, I thought it was time I got the ‘professional’ in. Greg popped in and checked my lights – fixed my son’s bedroom light and the annoying flashing one, checked the connections for the others to realise that they had faulty transformers and leads and said he would be back when I was away to fix the rest. Well I’ve been back two weeks now, and there’s no sign that Greg has been back – but I’m lucky, as he hasn’t charged me for his visit yet, and my house feels a lot more safe!
So today, I came home from running around looking at houses, leaving the boys at home to watch TV in their pyjamas all day, when I realised that the ducted heating wasn’t on. I went to check it, and it was sitting to heat up to twenty-three degrees, but the temperature was around eighteen degrees (Celsius, my American friends!) and the heater just wasn’t kicking in. I called my good friend Mark, who happens to be my son Nick’s best mate’s Dad, who just happens to own a gas plumbing business, specialising in gas heaters and cooking appliances. He had five more jobs to see before he could possibly squeeze me in, but promised he’ll be there for me before the end of the night. At 5.40pm, he knocked at the door, got himself set up and saw the pilot light was out and that it was in desperate need of a service. He got it going again and said he’ll be back to service it over the next couple of weeks, but at least we are in the warmth of our home again…. especially when the top temperature for the remaining days of the week isn’t going to reach more than twelve degrees with some serious wind.
So I’m thankful for my tradie friends for being their when I need them and making the effort in times when I’m unsure of what to do, especially when I don’t have a ‘man about the house.’ Even though they are rough around the edges, they have a good heart and always have a good story to share.
So sorry girls, no seductive sex story (but I do have one up my sleeve I must tell one day – maybe tomorrow!) with the tradie, just some good honest to good guys who help a stranded girl out when she needs it to keep her babies safe and warm. 🙂