Today’s word: Lovely

Posted by in Single Mum Life Tags: on May 28, 2015 0 comments

There were many elements of today that were lovely… The weather was nice. The music on the radio brought back some lovely memories. I had some lovely conversations with some lovely people. I managed to write a couple of pages of my lovely new book. It was lovely that my youngest got to have a play with a friend after school, and then my kids played lovely together. My dyslexic son finished his movie trailer project (more so so proud than lovely, but still, it was lovely). I was able to finish my work in business hours. And, I cooked up a lovely chicken stir fry for dinner. Lovely!

But it wasn’t so lovely ending the day with a headache and my dog Dexter barking to get some attention making it painfully worse. Even with some Nurofen, it’s not subsiding… oh well, we can’t have it all. 🙁