The last 24 hours really got me into the Christmas spirit!

Last night, I had my first Toastmasters Christmas Party which was a lot of fun! We played barefoot bowls, and you could see a little competitiveness between my fellow Toastmasters, but otherwise it was a few drinks, a few laughs and a few congratulative ‘pat-on-the-backs’ for getting pretty close to the jack. We then sat down to a 2-course meal amongst our usual Toastmasters speeches, as well as having a mini trivia night (my table tied with a miserable score of 5/14, but somehow, we still won!) and a couple of presentations. I met this gorgeous girl from another Toastmasters club who was our guest speaker and it was just great how quickly we got along so well! Sometimes you just never know when you will meet someone who will make an impact in your life, or you in theirs.

Today was a mad rush of getting my boys’ Christmas presents before one of them finishes school this week! Aarrrgghh!! I wrapped up a few, because it’s the only way to hide them, and sorted out the ‘evenness’ in making sure that the number of presents and value of presents are equal. I made notes where I still needed to get things, but all in all, most of it’s done! YAY!

And, tonight, we went to our local council’s Christmas Carols in the Park with a couple of great friends. It’s always a crowded night of sitting awkwardly for long stints on picnic blankets, but the night is always filled with bad audience singing (mainly mine!) floating over the beautiful choral singers on the stage, bright flashing windmills and wands, glow sticks and reindeer antlers, Santa hats, innocent children’s faces flashing up on the big screens showing their happiness and joy, oh, and a little wine!



We went with a gorgeous family who I met through my oldest son. They have a 2 year old who is still in that beautiful stage of being in awe of everything – Santa, sparkly things and tonight was his first experience of fireworks. It went from tears and panic sitting on top of Daddy’s shoulders when the first fireworks exploded, to jaw-dropping awe and excitement sitting in the safety of Mummy’s arms (and a little bit of ear blocking because they were a little noisy for him). All our boys had lots of fun together, and my friend always brings a fabulous spread of the yummiest food from the market. It was nice to have a little one around again to experience the newness of everything (but just as nice to let him go home with his parents!).

I came home, and my dog Dexter wanted to give me a present (well, actually he was looking to put his ‘present’ in a hiding place, like my bed to let it fester before he devoured it!) How can you resist this face?


So it’s back to work for me tomorrow… somehow I need to pay for all the joy I bring my boys in materialistic possessions, as we all do!