After all my self-pity and uncertainty with my operation, I thought I owed my boys a weekend of a little bit of fun and doing something special. Of course, it couldn’t be too strenuous, because I still have my stab wounds and they are still a little bit tender so I need to take it easy, so we did what we could, and we did it on a bit of a budget.

I received a coupon book from my energy company that had some great discounts, so I thought I would use those to get us through the weekend. The discounts vary from restaurants to ice-cream shops, to drive-in movie theatres to adventure parks, as well as spa treatments and hotel stays. We didn’t go that far, but we did manage some great bargain.

First stop was Saturday night dinner at the Groove Train. Nothing overly special, but between the share plates of a garlic pizza, calamari salad, Italian sausages with fresh basil leaves and a tomato relish, and some crispy wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream, my boys found the retro Pacman machines and we did some Ebay checking to see how much they are (about $1200 if you’re interested). And of course my boys needed to be difficult ordering a choc-banana milkshake and a strawberry-blue heaven milkshake respectively (two each), while I settled for a Savvy B (or two). So our $90.00 bill came down to $64.00.

After dinner, we went to see “Jurassic World.” We had another voucher, thinking that with the voucher we would have paid $31.00 instead of our standard $34.50 with our movie club discount. However, we had a free ticket on the movie club token, so we only paid $20 for the 3 of us to see the blockbuster.

Then today, with it being such a beautiful winter’s day, the boys and I took a train into the city to enjoy an Irish meal in an Irish Pub. (see Instagram pics @suzyjbrown). It came completely with Irish accents from the staff! My oldest son went the eye-fillet steak with chips and gravy, I went the Sunday roast with a pint of Bulmers, and my youngest son went the kid’s menu of chicken tenderloins and chips. Both my boys had a pint of lemon squash. Our table was an old wine barrel, and we were surrounded by Guinness signs, old newspapers from the 1950s lacquered to the walls, and rich oak paneling.. oh, and a Collingwood vs GWS football game on the screen. It was a hearty feast, and we’re not requiring dinner tonight, that’s for sure. Our $64.00 bill came down to $47.00.

After our big meal, I convinced (poorly) that instead of catching the train at Flinders Street station, we walk along the Yarra to Richmond station. With a bit of ‘I just want to go home’ and ‘it’s too long’ we eventually made it to Richmond station just as the train was pulling up to the platform. Gotta love the timing!

So, all in all we saved, $57.50, as well as what it would have cost us to travel into the city by car (our Mykis already had money on them, so travel was essentially free).

After all the whining along the Yarra, I told the boys I had another surprise when we got back to the car, and that was that they had to help me with the grocery shopping… I didn’t say it was a great surprise, but they did get to choose a few things that I wouldn’t normally buy, so there was a bonus for them.

I must admit, I do have helpful boys. Between them this weekend, they walked the dog, vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher, put rubbish in the bins, brought in the groceries from the car, packed for school camp, did 2-3 hours of homework, went clothes shopping (yes, boys who went clothes shopping!), squeezed in a basketball game for one and and a hockey game for the other. I am blessed… So all in all, it was a good weekend for all 🙂