Over the years, especially since leaving my ex husband, I’ve learnt to be ‘dogmatic.’ Prior to that, I was living in a lull of no opinions, being naive to the world, and accepting that my life was nothing more than existing. I have learnt to be passionate, that is ‘dogmatic,’ about equality… that all people in love should be allow to marry, that we should all have equal pay for the same work and hours worked, that every child gets to learn in an education system that allows their brain to decipher the codes of meaning and understanding that their learning ability allows, that we treat people the way we want to be treated, that children are little people and if they ask a question, no matter how old they are, they are entitled to know the true answer and not be lied to; and that we are all entitled to be loved and cared for.

But today… I have nothing to be dogmatic about….hmmm… however that might change later in the night… I have a potential chance meeting with someone who I am really about to lose my stack with after some recent rudeness (that has been on-going in one form or another for about 18 months now), and what was said recently was the last straw. However, I will say that I am grateful to all those who have said ‘yes’ today to helping me out in a couple of weeks for their generosity and kindness.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Recently, I was asked to sign a change.org petition to make Women’s Equality Day a Federal holiday in the United States. I said I wouldn’t, because to me, equality is needed for everyone, not just a gender. It’s needed for women, men, children, the young, the old, the middle aged, heterosexuals, LGBT, all races, all religions, all abilities and all personalities (even if they decide to wear their personality in the form of piercings, bright hair and tattoos). We are all equal, and to segregate a part of the community by gender to get a national holiday is just a kick in the teeth for all those who don’t have equality in their lives.

To me, equality can only be achieved if you believe in yourself to be the best you can be. I am mother, father, aunt, uncle and grandparent to my children 99.1% of the time – I get out a hammer and nail, know how to use a screw driver, know how to fix a chain on a bike, I know how to kill a spider, teach my boys about their changing bodies, about how to treat a girlfriend and how to look after themselves. I also make more money than my male counterparts because I work hard, I over promise and I am dedicated to my clients. I have never used child-birth or ‘women’s problems’ to stop me from working and I have always seen myself as an ‘equal.’ However, some women’s movements would say that my life isn’t equal, as my ex-husband doesn’t financially contribute or physically contribute his time to raise our sons and I am burdened to earn the money to provide everything for my children. And that’s fine… but it’s my choice to lift my head high and do everything I can to give my children the life they deserve, not a life that is that of a victim of inequality in parenting or in life.

I will always say that I am an equal to all… An equal to men, an equal to women, an equal to the elderly, an equal to children, an equal to my hetero and gay friends, an equal to my Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Islam and Buddhist friends. I don’t look for people’s differences and reasons to not like them, work with them, or be their friend. Everyone I meet or become friends with have to have an issue with me before I will ever have an issue with them. I respect everyone until they disrespect me, no matter what age, sex, creed or race they are.

It’s all in the attitude… you love yourself, you love your life, you love this world and the world will love you back and people will love you back. If you show judgement and intolerances, the world will turn against you. Jealousy is the only quality where people can turn ugly by your good nature.

The key to equality is to empower everyone with knowledge. The more you know, the more you can help yourself. The more you empower yourself, the more you can empower others. Statistics are a distorted version of the truth and can be skewed any way you want to see it, so the only way you can create a life of equality for yourself is to learn more, live more and expect nothing less from others than you would of yourself.

In reality, I feel sorry for the guys… they are so confused by the women’s movement, they don’t know how to act anymore, and through it all, we are breeding weak, indecisive men who still hold onto their mummy. Men are quickly losing their empowerment, and women are dominating the family unit – making more money, being more flexible with their time and being multi-talented. Men don’t know how to compete anymore.

So, to conclude my argument, I believe if there is less focus on creating national days for individual sectors of the community and more focus on living a life where you get along with everyone and are respected for your qualities and contributions to this world, we would have a more peaceful, pro-active, positive world to live in.