A Punt on the Cam and a Day at Legoland

Posted by in Travel on June 11, 2013 0 comments

Over the weekend, we stayed at a friend’s home in Cambridge. It was nice to have a couple of home cooked meals, get some washing done and have some space! We were fortunate enough for the boys to have a huge rear garden to run around in, I think 4 toilets in the house and we had separate bedrooms (well, the boys had the same room, I was lucky to have my own!). We enjoyed a late lunch at The Orchard on Saturday afternoon lazily on the deck chairs…

On Sunday, we went into the university city of Cambridge and walked through history. We discovered that Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin were all graduates of Cambridge, and Henry VIII was part of the university royalty. We had lunch at The Eagle – a traditional English pub, and then  went on a ‘punt on the Cam.’
On Monday, we left Cambridge and drove to Legoland – something the boys were so excited about going to, but were left bitterly disappointed. Essentially, it’s perfect for 2-8 year olds, but my boys are just that little bit too old. We did manage a couple of rides and enjoyed the Miniland of all the iconic landmarks of London, Europe and even the United States, but everything else was a little dated, young and lacking vibrancy, like Lego is.
After Legoland, we drove to Heathrow Airport to return the car, and then had the long trek on the Tube to our new hotel in Clapham in the south of London. Which is never fun with a suitcase & backpack each and a laptop bag for me. Only a couple more trips on the train with it all.