An Edinburgh Experience

Posted by in Travel on June 6, 2013 0 comments

Today we drove to Edinburgh. We opted for the motorway instead of the scenic route, but still managed to see a few country towns along the way. Edinburgh is such a pretty city! I was expecting it to be dull and drab, a little working class, but the streets were filled with gorgeous buildings.

Our first stop was Edinburgh Castle – home to the Scottish Royal Jewels, and a place steeped in Scottish history dating back to the St Margaret’s Church built in the 13th century. We had our Scottish kilt-wearing guide, Frank, giving us plenty of information, including laughing at his own about how tight the Scots are with money (we’ll come back to that later!) and their fighting heritage… essentially saying, you hit us, we hit you back. My oldest said ‘no wonder I’m one quarter Scottish, if my brother hits me, I hit him back.’ And so it goes. Here are some of the highlight pics of the castle.
After the Castle, we ventured to find our hotel. I had made all my bookings for accommodation through With all my bookings I requested a triple room (either a double bed & a single, or 3 singles), however some of the bookings had come out as a triple room for ‘one’ person. And this was one of those hotels… so the manager thought it was weird that ‘one person’ would book a triple room, and pay a huge price for it, but decided to assign us a single room anyway!! Talk about a tight Scot! Luckily, someone had booked a quadruple room for a single person (might have the same problem we do!), so he gave him the single room we had and gave us the quadruple room instead. Just in case it happened again, I emailed all the hotels that I had booked that had stated that the triple rooms were for one guest, and told them that there were three of us. Most have confirmed that I had nothing to worry about. Might just be a Scottish thing! The funny thing is, the hotel manager was happy to take the English pounds I had because it’s all sterling, however he had to tell me that the English frown upon Scottish pounds in England. So essentially, the Scots will take any money that can get their hands on.
After all that admin work, we walked across the road to the park, which just so happen to have a playground, a soccer pitch, a circus and an amusement park happening all at the same time, so the boys had a little fun (free fun, as I refused to pay for things they could do at home). But best of all, they loved running down the hill (again!)