Day 2 – Fiji

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Bula all,
Having a fabulous time, getting some nice sun and doing all the things we wish we could do at home. As you can see, the boys are a little red from yesterday from the sun, as they refused to put sunscreen on, but today they learnt their lesson!

After our buffet breakfast (which someone had said to me the day before that it was the best buffet breakfast he’s ever had… I can say, I’ve had better!), I took the boys to the kids club for some coconut boat racing, fish feeding and palm leaf sculpting/plaiting/crafting, so that I could indulge in a 2 hour massage at the Chi Spa Village.

This was the view I was able to wake up to after my aromatherapy massage! Definitely not complaining, really!
I then went to pick up the boys, who I was worried would be bored, but actually had a wonderful time at the kids club. We then got ready to go to the pool, but I told the boys that I wanted to check something out first. Of course, they whinged and whined as they were desperate to get into the pool, but I told them they have to wait and see if they can do what I had in mind. We went up to the outdoor sports bure (hut) and asked if they were big enough to do para-sailing. And they were… so in a little over an hour, we were able to go up and see the world. I went first as we drifted across the beach of the resort out into the ocean, and the boys went in a tandem ride on the trip back.
We all had a ball floating over the peaceful azure blue waters in a beautiful paradise. As the boys were up, I spoke with Koko about his life – his 7 kids and the fact that he’s never left Fiji, but really, why would he? But it does make you grateful that you have the ability to see the world first hand.
After parasailing, we went snorkelling on the side of the resort’s beach. We found some clown fish, sting rays as well as other fish… it wasn’t as exciting as some of the ocean snorkelling we’ve done, but still peaceful drifting in the water with the sun on our backs and the water so warm.
The boys went back to the pool and I just relaxed on a banana lounge watching the sun slowly lower in the sky over the water under my palm tree canopy. Bliss!
Off to dinner now and some nightly entertainment! I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow!