Day 3 – Fiji

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Not too much excitement today, as the next two will be filled with Fijian culture and unforgettable experiences.

The boys hung out in the pool while I read about 120 pages of my book under the shade of a palm tree or two, beyond a thatched umbrella and the tropical leafiness! My view below!!

After the boys decided they were bored in the pool, we went over to the water sports bure and they decided that they wanted to do the ‘doughnut’ – a two-person blow-up doughnut that is dragged behind a speedboat like a waterski, but something they sit down and get tossed around skimming the water and holding on to dear life so they don’t fall off. Apparently, the best fun EVER!!

Then we went for a kayak in the lagoon, before more pool play and reading for me. We then went to the shop to buy some supplies for tomorrow’s adventure (sunscreen, insect repellent) and a round of Daytona and air hockey in the games room, before a half hour of tennis until my 11 year old said he didn’t feel well and needed some water.

The sun disappeared a little today behind the clouds, and there was a gentle breeze that kept the temperatures cooler. Hoping tomorrow will be nicer… for our most amazing adventure yet!