Enjoying the Swiss Mountains

Posted by in Travel on June 26, 2013 0 comments

I’m a little behind on my blogging from our 6 week epic adventure due to some very average internet connections at the hotels we’ve been staying at. On Monday, we travelled from Geneva to Haute Nendaz, a gorgeous ski village high in the mountains near Sion in Switzerland. I wanted the boys to have an authentic Swiss visit, so we stayed in a Swiss Chalet enjoying beautiful mountain views.  After we were allowed an early check in, we decided to go for a hike on one of the ‘Bisses’ – walking tracks predominantly on private land that are open to the public and capture the absolute wonderment of the mountainside. We went on the Bisse Vieux… it’s supposed to be a 7 kilometre walk, however I told the boys that we will go an hour one way (but I actually made them go about 1 hour and 15 minutes hehe!!), before we made our return journey.  The boys loved filling their water bottles with the crystal clear (and icy cold) water. Best water ever! And they tell me that this was their 3 favourite day of the trip (behind Madame Tussauds and Mont Blanc)… Sometimes the good things are for free! Here are some highlights:

On Tuesday, we drove from Haute Nendaz to Milan through the Swiss Alps. It was stunning countryside through Rosswald, and after we left the gorgeous mountainous terrain, Italy looked really boring and flat! And to be honest, unless you are interested in fashion, Milan is a little bit the same… happy to be out of there!