Surfers Paradise – a weekend away

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I decided to take my boys up to the Gold Coast as my Mothers Day present to me! We caught up with a dear friend from high school who I haven’t seen since school – 21 years ago!! However, we’ve talked so much over the past 3 years as we have been through the ending of one era and onto the next.

My friend has 4 children, with only one boy in the mix, who just happens to be almost 8, so he was really excited to have some boys to wrestle with. My boys were happy that they had a pool and a huge trampoline to play with…. dodge ball on the trampoline seemed to be a goer and something that us parents had one eye open to in case there was a call to emergency needed. After a late afternoon/evening of wrestling, swimming, running and laughing, my friend found her son asleep on the floor at her feet, while Kurtis slept on me on the couch, and Nick sitting on the side, still eager to play.

Today, we had a day by ourselves and we went to Wet ‘N’ Wild… a fabulous water theme park. It was a beautiful 27 degrees today, surprisingly the theme park was pleasantly busy, but luckily there was hardly any waiting in lines, if not at all, which made the day all the more perfect. We went on the Aqua Loop, the River Rapids, the Jetstreamer, the Tornado, the Black Hole, the Kamikaze, Mammoth Falls, the wave pool, amongst others and the boys had a go body-boarding on the Flowrider. There were A LOT of stairs to climb, and most carrying up a big chunk of plastic formed in the shape of a blow up raft, but it was well worth it on the end. As for water parks, it shits all over Adventure Park we have in Melbourne for rides, lines, services and amenities. So the boys gave me extra big hugs thanking me for bringing me there. And I rewarded them with a monster ice-cream cone each with a chocolate dipped waffle cone to finish them off!

As soon as we hit the car, Nick fell asleep, head up catching flies in the most uncomfortable position. We made it back to our hotel for a little wind down time, and Nick spread eagled himself over the queen size bed, he and his brother were sharing and continued to sleep. And sleep he did… another hour and a half. Kurtis and I attempted to wake him so we could go to dinner. It was a half hour wrestle of poking and prodding, tickling and squishing his face before I dragged him off the edge and made him walk.

We walked out the door, had a huge whiff of whacky green stuff coming from next door (love hotel living!), and went out for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. We couldn’t sit at a table straight away, so we were sent to the bar to spend $48 on cocktails – mocktails for the boys, Cosmopolitan for me.

But the boys got to get a special ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ glass as part of the exorbitant deal.
No long after, we sat at our table, and I was already pleasantly happy. The boys were consumed in their activity menu and crayons all proclaiming the ‘Rock, Re-use, Recycle’ theme, while we had Ike & Tina Turner looking over us at our table. Zoe, our ‘server’ (very American!) looked after us with a smile. She was the first to shout out it was someone’s birthday in the iconic rock memorabilia cafe, and make the whole establishment join in – including bartenders throwing wine bottles in the bin to make them shatter. The boys had the standard kids’ fare off the menu, while I went for the barramundi and fries (fish n chips!) with Caesar salad on the side. One of my croutons bounced off my plate as the fork tried to pierce it, and it bounced from the plate to the booth seat onto the floor, which I nicely ignored, until I caught Zoe cleaning up a mess, upon which I apologised for ‘croutoning the floor’. She said it was fine, until she stood on it and felt the crumbling breadcrumbs under her feet. I downed a Strawberry Daiquiri, and felt myself in a pleasantly happy state.
As we left the building, we were reminded to pick up our free glasses from the shop downstairs. I went in to an empty shop, minus two sales people, and said “I have a receipt, aren’t I lucky?” Upon which I swapped the receipt for the two free glasses in boxes and a nice brown paper bag! Bonus!! (sorry, if it sounds sarcastic, but it was one of the moments that you had to be there to see the humour in the situation).
So all in all a good day. Something, that my overseas lover couldn’t even put a dampener on as he has continued his rampage of devoting his love to God and the morality of his family… hmmm, me thinks he’s a little too late for all that, but still wants me around… what the?!  🙂