The ‘feel good’ of travelling

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As I get myself ready for my trip to London next week, I reflect on how my feelings in life were all so numb prior to venturing out on my first adventure back in 2008. I was numb to what was right or wrong, what made me feel happy or sad, and every other emotion under the sun. I ‘put up with things.’ I accepted that ‘that’ was life. I didn’t have opinions on things, because whenever I did speak, my voice was often squashed, so I sat on the sidelines watching and waiting for whatever I was doing to finish. I accepted that this was my life… a life that meant nothing to anyone, especially me.

But then I took a trip to London and Paris and discovered something about myself. I was ALLOWED to feel. I was ALLOWED to enjoy something. I was ALLOWED to immerse myself into the culture, the music, the architecture, the smells, the language, and the beauty of my surrounds. I was ALLOWED to make my own opinion because I was by myself, most of the time, to just be swallowed up by where I was. And it really makes you think… What was I doing for the past 34 years? HOW did I get to be in this position where I DIDN’T MATTER?

That’s the magic of travel. You go outside your boundaries to discover your inner self. You become yourself… not a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a work colleague, a charity worker, or whatever you are ‘labelled’ as… you are YOU! And no one can tell you otherwise.

Next week, will be the first time I have travelled without my boys in four years. It’s only a short trip, but I know it will help me reconnect with my inner self, my passions, my desires and my intellect and my soul. I am looking forward to the 26 hour flight, being tucked away in my seat and being left alone with no phone or internet interruptions, only the occasional food tray, some music, some movies and some focused writing time. I’m looking forward to motivating myself again to be the best I can be, for myself and my children, and my dearest friends.

So, I beg you all, at some stage over the next year, GIVE YOURSELF a minimum of 5 days in a strange land to discover your true self and find the happier you.