Yesterday Sea, Today Snow!

Posted by in Travel on June 22, 2013 0 comments

Over the past 2 days, we have travelled through 4 countries (France, Monaco, back into France, Italy, France, Italy, again back into France and now we are in Switzerland!), and spent WAY TOO MUCH on toll roads (41.40 Euro to go through the 11km Mont Blanc tunnel & 40 Francs just to enter Switzerland to use the motorways… but then there was a 21.20 Euro charge and 3 smaller charges of 1.30 Euro, 3.80 Euro & 1.80 Euro! UUUGGGHHH!!! And that was all today!), but we have seen some amazing scenery.

Firstly, we drove along the French Riviera to take in the sights of Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo and ending in a little place called Grimaldi where we had lunch to enjoy the vista of the Mediterranean Sea. It was exhausting driving, making sure not to hit the people wearing white (it was like it was a prescribed uniform for tourists), the stage crew creating some gala event on the foreshore in Cannes, the umpteen amount of motorcycles and Vespas, and somehow concentrating on the road. Here are some highlights… (sorry about the dirty car windows, they did get a clean today…)

We arrived in Italy and stayed in Torino last night… so the most apt thing to do for our short Italian stay was to eat pizza and gelato.
This morning, we travelled to France to go on the Mont Blanc tramway that starts in Le Fayet, but with a combination of roadworks blocking turn offs, Sat Nav not understanding that there were roadworks plus new roads in the way to take us to Le Fayet, I changed my request to Chamonix where the Tourist Office is, to see if we could find this place!! But, by doing that, we found another tramway that seemed to be more to our liking, as it took us up 3850m to the snow, where the Le Fayet tramway didn’t seem to promise the same Summer blanket of whiteness. So for a little more money than the tramway, and less wait (as the Le Fayet tramway only went ever 2 hours), we caught the tramway up to Aiguille Midi, with each tram ride running every 10 minutes.  We first went up to the summit and admired the panoramic views, and then we went down to 2300m point and the boys got to play in the snow! Very happy campers they were!
So tonight we stay in Geneva for a couple of days and I get to meet for the first time my high school pen pal… she used to write to me in French and I used to write to her in English. It’s been 27 years in the making, so it will be a special day.